Bismack Biyombo Builds a Hospital

Friday saw NBA twitter abuzz with news that Phoenix Suns center Bismack Biyombo will be donating his entire salary to building a hospital the DRC. Well, that news has inspired other NBA superstras. What might some of the NBA’s best and brightest donate their salaries two?

Anthony Davis

Could donate his entire salary to providing men’s grooming supplies to men in need. Very on brand!

Kevin Durant

Rumor has it that Mr. Durant is considering donating his salary to research into technology that would make sure that you never accidentally post something on your main tiwtter account that you think is posting to your burner account. Very forward thinking!

Russell Westbrook

Inspired by Biyombo, our sources tell us that the Laker’s point guard is considering donating a single brick of a hospital for every shot he misses this season. Forward thinking!

Not sure they need that many hospitals in one villagme but good job Russ!

Wow! What generous athletes!

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