Tom Brady Announces Retirement, Alienates Tom Sr.

Legendary Quarterback Tom Brady, the most Super Bowl winningest player in history, has officially announced his retirement from the Tampa Bay Bucs! Congratulations poured in from all over the internet, but one person was notably missing: Tom Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr.!

When asked over the weekend to confirm the rumor of his son’s retirement, Tom Sr. said that to his knowledge, his son wasn’t planning on retiring.

Well, look who has to eat crow!

Tom Sr. strikes back!

The media has been all over the Brady family scandal! In the midst of the stream of congraduations, one social media user pointed out that most sons would talk to their dads about a big decision like retirement. Who better to get financial and retirement lifestyle advice from than your dad? Especially if you were named after him! Now that both Toms Brady are retired, there a good chance the post office will accidentally start forwarding Tom Jr.’s AARP magazine to Tom Sr. or vice versa.

Just embarrassing. Airing the Brady bunch’s terrible communication for football fans everywhere.

Tom Sr. was a little too quick with a cover story. “It’s Little Tommy’s decision to share, I wasn’t about to tell the media before he was ready.” Uh-huh. Sure it was. And when was the last time Tom Jr. called to chat with his parents on Sunday afternoon? 22 years ago? Yeah, we thought so! Some close-knit family.

Were Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sr. even invited to Tom Jr.’s wedding? Have they even met their grandchildren?

Hopefully the Tom Bradys can patch things up before Father’s Day–or at the latest, Thanksgiving.

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