Sneak Peak at NBA 2K ’23

You saw it here first!

2K Sports, the inventors of the NBA 2K video games, is bringing us another game mode to pick from in NBA 2K ’23! In prior years, gamers could choose from either the “MyPlayer” mode to create a custom basketball player character or the “MyGM” mode to create a custom general manager character. It just depends on whether you want your character to work out, interact with his teammates, and do some sick slam dunks or if you want your character to balance the budget, conduct interviews for open staff positions, and order some kick-butt give-aways for fans at the game.

Well, now, folks! You can do it all with the new “MyLeBron” game mode! With “MyLeBron” you can:

  • Play in every basketball game and do some badass dunks. Classic 2K game mode!
  • Choose where the team’s budget money in directed. Player salaries? New locker room? LeBron Mode is all over that!
  • Hire and fire for all staff and player positions. Create your dream team!
  • Handle draft day decisions. Trade your picks for one of those neat dalmatian statues or for a washed-up b-ball player!
  • Carry the Nuclear Football and show it off to your teammates and coaches! Even though it’s not a basketball, you can still do a slam dunk with it.
  • Fly the Team Jet to away games. Strap in, everyone! You can give your friends on the team those little airplane pins and then make sure that the beverage cart runs out before it gets to the players you don’t like.
  • Negotiate with yourself to get a raise. Great work, me!

Here’s a first look at the selection screen:

On the select screen, Renaissance Man LeBron James is wearing both a jersey and a manager jacket!

We can’t wait to get our hands on the next installment of the NBA 2K series!

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