Weirdest Sponsorships in Sports

We’ve seen our last Pepsi Super Bowl Half-Time Show. We can’t wait to see which of our fave companies steps in to take their place.

In the meantime, let’s look at the weirdest sponsorships in sports!

Not all plays are winners. The famous vacuum cleaner experts bring us The Play that Sucked the Hardest. Usually a pick six or a blocked field goal that gets returned for a touchdown. For the Dyson Play that Sucked, they pick footage of the quarterback or kicker who really screwed up. They often have their head in their hands on the bench or are getting berated by their coach. Awkward!

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Hottest Play of the Game is actually the exact same play as the Dyson Play That Sucked! Wild. But the Cheetos Play shows the players that did the six picking or blocked field goaling. They always have huge smiles, it’s a real feel good moment, if you’re a fan of that team.

None of the cool kids are drinking it, which is why it’s become your favorite! The cool kids just haven’t heard of it, it’s too underground. Well, your fave beer brings us The Most Underground Play of the Game. It’s normally something hard to notice, like a dribble that was really well done technically, but didn’t result in a cool slam drunk!

Oof. Yeah, probably. Thx, PBR!

The most popular brand of rat poison brings us the d-Con D-Fense botched play of the game. The camera shows some poor defensive NFL player slipping in the mud or tripping over his shoe-laces, allowing the running back to score a 99-yard touchdown. The camera pans to the coach talking to the Gatorade folks, who pour some more powder into one of the bottles and hand it over to the blockhead who didn’t tie his shoes. Ominous music plays in the background.

What’s your favorite sponsorship?

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