NFL Coaches Joining the Job Hunt

Anybody can be unemployed nowadays. These are the NFL coaches who are joining the 4% of Americans who are unemployed and where they could end up!

Mike Zimmer, Minnesota Vikings. Mr. Zimmer was doing an okay job as the Vikings coach. Then one day, a Vikings Corporate Spy was at his house for dinner and found a CHICAGO BEARS T-SHIRT in a footlocker in his bedroom! The Vikings have a zero tolerance policy for disloyalty, especially when it comes to division rivals, so our friend Mike Zimmer had to go. But if Mike Zimmer is a secret Bears fan, he will be happy to hear…

Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears have been on a roll lately. Then last week, Bears owner and artifact Virginia Halas McCaskey overheard some fans talking smack at the stadium. “Matt Nagy? More like Scat Nagy,” said one disgruntled fan. “lol I get it,” said the other. “Scat as in poop!” Mrs. McCaskey was so appalled, she decided that the Bears needed to quietly part ways with Mr. Nagy at the end of the season.

Urban Meyer, Jacksonville Jaguars. The Urban Meyer firing just blindsided the NFL community! We still don’t even know what to say about this. No words. We hear there are three Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations in Jacksonville, and Enterprise is a well-known landing spot for football and other sports folks!

Great start, Urban Meyer!

Brian Flores, Miami Dolphins. No one really had complaints about Mr. Flores, but the Florida teams decided to always have each other’s backs. So when Jacksonville unexpectedly fired Urban Meyer, Brian Flores knew that a pink slip was coming his way! Rumor has it, the Jaguars and Dolphins were in discussion to swap coaches, but then the Jaguars decided to pull the rug out from under Urban Meyer.

Vic Fangio, Denver Broncos. Who? That sounds made up.

Best of luck to all the ex-coaches and future coaches out there!

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