How to Watch Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma State

Woohoo 2022! Let’s kick off the newest year yet by watching the Fiesta Bowl!

This year, the Fiesta Bowl is brought to us by Playstation! So if you’re looking to buy some cool Fiesta Bowl merch, you’ll have a 10-second window to order it, and if you miss it, you’ll have to wait until the 2024 Fiesta Bowl to get your 2022 Fiesta Bowl t-shirt and magnet that says, “My friend went to the Fiesta Bowl and all I got was this lousy keychain.”

Here’s how to watch the biggest college football game that isn’t a playoff game.

Drunk. Always a good condition to be in! Did you know that Guinness is finally the official beer of Notre Dame football? If you’re rooting for the Fighting Irish and you don’t have any Guinness lying around, you better find an open store quick. The Oklahoma State Cowboys don’t have an official beer, so if you’re cheering on the C-boys, you can drink whatever you want.
Hungover. Awwwww was last night New Year’s Eve? Well, suck it up, buttercup. This is football! Crack open a brewski and take one for whichever team you’re rooting for.
While you’re cooking. Throw that turkey in the oven and get your butt back in front of the television. If your team scores and you didn’t see it, did it really happen? No! It didn’t! So you have to pay close attention.
While you’re cleaning. lol just kidding, stay in front of the tv! If you have to leave the room to vacuum or dust, take the game with you and watch it on your phone. Where do you find the game to watch on your phone? We don’t know, figure it out.
While you’re making money. With all the cool new gambling apps, having a side hustle is easier than ever! Are you confident in Notre Dame Football’s annual tradition of pooping its pants at a bowl game? Or are you thinking “underdog” Oklahoma State doesn’t have what it takes? Well, you could turn your gut feeling into CASH MONEY! Just download an app like “Draft King” or “Paycheck Punter”, make your picks, and get ready to win big! (“Paycheck Punter” is legally obligated to disclose that odds of winning big are slim to none. But “Paycheck Punter” would also like to say, look, do you want to be a your whole life? You can’t win if you don’t play and you gotta spend money to make money.)

Take off your 2022 glasses and press that button!!!!!!! Hurry!!! The second half is starting!

What if the Fiesta Bowl turns into a Siesta Bowl? (Whoa!! Feel free to borrow that when you talk about the game at work on Monday!) Luckily, there are two other bowl games happening at the same time! There’s the Citrus Bowl, if you feel like looking at some limes and stuff. And the Outback Bowl, which we guess takes place in Australia? When in Rome, folks–you better throw some shrimp on the barbie and open up “Paycheck Punter” before it’s too late to place your bets on the second half!

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