Happy New Year, Football!

Happy New Year to all footballs and other sports and to the folks who watch them!

Sports were going strong in twenty twenty one. As you can imagine, there were loads of sports this year and here is a sneak peak of the sports we will see in Twenty twenty two:

Football: professional and NCAA college NFL-Jr.! In fact, while your nursing your hangover on New Year’s Day, you can tune into some college foobtall bowl games and check out the future pro football players who might be on your team someday! Wow. Starting the new Year right!!
Basketball: Basketball is the new football! Like football, there is both a professional and an NCAA college Jr. edition, but the Junior version is called NCAA college NBA-Jr. because the sport is basketball and not football.
Gambling: Gambling is the new basketball! Did you know that while you ‘are watching sports on TV, you could be making money? It’s that easy! Just download asps like “Draft Kings” or “Cash Flushers” on your smart phone and pick what you think will happen during the game! If you’r right, you could be set for life! And if you don’t win, you can play again during the next game. Good luck!!
Soccer aka Different Football: Some say different football is the old Football! And we agree! And in 20 Twenty-too, we will get to watch the World Cup to determine the best team of 25% of the World’s countries! Isn’t the World awesome!
The Olympics: Wait, didn’t we just have an Olympics???! Well guess what, folks, the 2021 Olympics was so popular, we’re getting another one! The 2020 Two Olympics is going to have different sports, though. We can’t wait to see what the New Olympics has in store!
More Gambling: In case you missed it, you can (probably) gamble on sports now! (Depending on where you live. If you aren’t allowed to MAKE MONEY doing WHAT YOU LOVE aka WATCHING SPORTS on televesion, you should write to your congressman and let them know that you know your stuff about sports and you’re ready to use your knowledge to make some cold hard cash!) Can you gamble on the Olympics? You bet you can!
Horses: The oldest sport! Keep your eyes peeled for the Medina Spirit Memorial Race! The intramural frat party of the equestrian world. All the athletes get LIT UP before the big game!
E-Sports: What are E-Sports? Don’t worry! All you need to know is that you can gamble on them, too! Download the “Sports Money Melter” app right now for the chance to lose last week’s paycheck!

Make a wish!

Happy New Year, folks! We can’t wait to watch sports with you in 2020 Two!

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