Here Come the Irish

The University of Notre Dame was in the headlines this weekend, as nine ND football players were drafted into the NFL! They graduated from the NFL Jr. College League and became full-fledged NFL rookies! Congrats, gentlemen!

This weekend was also the Notre Dame Blue and Gold Game! For those who don’t know, the Blue and Gold game is the ultimate ND vs. ND scrimmage! With ND losing nine players to Big Football, it’s a great opportunity for a sneak peek of what the Fighting Irish will look like next year!

Did you know: this year, Guinness became the official beer of Notre Dame Football? It’s about time!

Nice censorship, but we know what it says!

The Blue and Gold Game was scheduled one week after the Big Reveal of the The Shirt for the Notre Dame 2021 football season. The Shirt is a time-honored Notre Dame tradition, going back to 1990. The Shirt, which is designed by an elite group of students, is different each year. It’s usually pretty slick, a few notable exceptions being 2005 and 2009.

ND students are still trying to recapture the brilliance of the 2004 The Shirt. We wish them the best of luck! But they probably don’t need it, we’ve heard the whole campus is covered in four-leaf clovers.

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