Five most helpful comments left on online sports articles

Armchair quarterbacks and couch coaches often have great advice for the real-life players and coaches!

Here are the five most helpful comments left by Regular Joes.

Some truly great advice! We love ourselves some cool data about scoring and ratios and all that. But when you boil it down, all you gotta look at is who makes more point-scoring moves. Easy peasy! Get back to basics, everyone.

Very deep. This is helpful not only for the Lakers but for any future team that LeBron James may play for. If a ligtblub burns out in the locker room, the team staff will know not to ask King James to replace it because HR will have to pay him five times more than a Regular Joe staff member. Math is cool! Bet you thought you’d never use multiplication again!

Whoa!! This Regular Joe is super helpful. Did anybody take him or her up on the offer? If so, let us know in the comments!

lol no way, does it really? Look, when you’re watching the Big Game, if there’s a player whose face looks like a butt, it’s always wise to take notice. Then if that team beats your team, you can feel better because at least no one on your team has a face that looks like a butt. Unless the player whose face looks like a butt is on your team, then you can embrace the fact that ol’ Butt Head chose to grace your team with his presence.

The comment that changed history! After reading all of the comments in a rather scathing article about the Raiders, Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis came to the realization that his players were going to football school at a baseball field! Mr. Davis began a years-long undertaking to get his team a better facility–one that they didn’t have to share with a baseball team–culminating in the relocation of the Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas. Good thing Mr. Davis is an avid comment reader!

Even if you’re a Regular Joe and you put your pants on one leg at a time, you can still help your team!

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