NBA Finals Begin Tomorrow

We hope you had a better 4th of July than Jason Pierre-Paul after his 2015 party.

If you don’t remember the 4th of July, then you’re either a Phoenix Suns fan or a Milwaukee Bucks fan!

Does your living room look like this? Or maybe a green version of this with some antlers on the wall? If so, better get cleaning for your game watch party tomorrow!

We approve of your decor!

Remember when you kicked the television when your favorite NBA officials thought Patrick Beverly was playing some stellar defense? Your party guests remember! Check your local paper, there are probably some pretty sweet Independence Day electronics sales going on today–get yourself a new tv for the finals! Just don’t kick this one.

Buy more hooch. Just go easy on it this time!

Good news, you can reuse the confetti and party hats! Save those puppies for next season, too.

Remember to watch basketball and drink and party responsibly, everyone! GL to the Suns and Bucks!

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