10 Worst NBA Halftime Shows of the Pandemic

Sports look a lot different than they did before the pandemic, and so do the halftime shows. With performers unable to travel, teams had to improvise! Because having no halftime show was just not an option. As fans, players, and team staff adjusted to pandemic life, we saw some truly bizarre and terrible attempts at a halftime show.

Let’s take a look at the worst of the worst!

#10. The finance staff for the Sacramento Kings put on a talent show featuring their gifted pets! Unfortunately, several Gila monsters escaped into the stands and the arena had to be evacuated.

#9. The team DJ for the Philadelphia 76ers linked his phone to the jumbotron and searched YouTube for “diarrhea fail” videos. Missed the mark a little there, buddy!

#8. Trying a similar strategy, the Washington Wizards filled the entire 15 minutes halftime with videos of kittens cuddling. The fans loved it, but it didn’t really get them excited about the basketball game.

#7. The Sacramento Kings tried to make up for the Gila Monster Incident by dropping coupons for a free taco from Taco Bell from the rafters. It was going to be very majestic, coupons sailing down on tiny parachutes at the start of halftime. But someone misunderstood the voicemail and ended up dropping Gila monsters with tiny parachutes from the rafters. Oof. Tough to recover from that one.

#6. The Detroit Pistons thought they had a great idea to cut to the Detroit Lions game during halftime. But then the fans became more engrossed in the football game, so they had to leave the Lions game on the jumbotron. Even the basketball players started watching the football game during the fourth quarter.

#5. Someone from the Atlanta Hawks had the great idea of streaming a concert during halftime. Cool idea! Unfortunately, the video they picked was the one where Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat. Just a tiny bit inappropriate for a family friendly event.

#4. The Charlotte Hornets tried to do a “live” concert where their ticket sales staff played some songs for all the fans. None of the sales folks wanted to admit that they couldn’t play any instruments, so they just did the best they could. The fan shop sold out of ear plugs shaped like hornets hella fast.

#3. To give people a glimpse of life behind the scenes, the Denver Nuggets gave a tour of their accounting office. The few fans who hadn’t left their seats to get concessions ended up falling asleep.

#2. The Orlando Magic liked the concert idea but they were having a hard time settling on what to do. At the last minute, some guy pulled up a lyric video of the 1998 hit “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears and held it in front of the camera.

Come on, dude. That’s obviously just you holding a phone on your desk.

And the #1 greatest NBA halftime debacle goes to the Memphis Grizzlies! In an attempt to hype up their fans for the game, the Grizzlies did a search for “cool grizzly videos” and showed the first result. Unfortunately it was a video compilation of people being eaten alive by grizzly bears.

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