Biggest NBA Practice Squad Signing Fails

If you’ve been watching NBA Basketball games, you’ve probably seen some unfamiliar faces. With so many pro bball players entering covid protocols, a lot of up and comers on the practice squads are getting their shot at playing in the NBA. But not every 10-day practice squad signing is a successful cinderella story.

Here are the five biggest practice squad signing fails of 2022.

5. Random dude from the audience. Do you like going to bball games? Well, if the new practice squad guy calls in sick, you might get randomly selected to help your team win the day. At least that’s what happened to a guy at a Los Angeles Clippers game! Doctors say his post-game recovery is going great.

4. One of the opposing players. The Washington Wizards were short a player against the Charlotte Hornets and none of the practice squad folks could get there in time, they asked the Hornets if they could borrow a player for the evening. It took everyone three quarters and nearly twenty own-goals before people realized that Kelly Oubre Jr. wasn’t just confused about which team he was playing for.

3. Air Bud. Another LA mishap! “Get me Air Bud!” Lakers head coach Frank Vogel shouted. Ask and you shall receive! Unfortunately the original Air Bud was taxidermied decades ago. He looked so life-like, the players and staff even didn’t notice until tip-off. Thankfully there weren’t a lot of children in the audience for that game.

2. Cool Gila Monster. After the Gila Monster debacles of last season, you’d think the Sacramento Kings would have learned their lesson. But when they found themselves one player short last week, they recruited one of the Gila Monsters still living in Golden 1 Center. It went about as well as you’d expect.

Come on, man, get dressed! Tip-off in 5 minutes.

1 . Air Bud again. The biggest (and most expensive!) fail so far of 2022! We guess the Detroit Pistons didn’t see the news stories about stuffed Air Bud’s head falling off when the ball was tipped to him. “Get me that dog from that 90s movie!” head coach Dwane Casey shouted. The Official Air Bud Museum won’t be getting it’s main attraction back.

Later Dwane Casey shared that he was trying to get the younger dog from Homeward Bound. No basketball experience, but he liked the dog’s spirit.

Stay safe and healthy, NBA players, coaches, and fans!

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