Likely landing spot for Aaron Rodgers

Ever since the rumors about Aaron Rodgers began circulating on NFL draft day, the former Jeopardy! host slash Green Bay Packers quarterback has been inundated with job offers! Sports analysts across the country have been pouring over the numbers, trying to guess the most likely landing place for Aaron “Quarterback” Rodgers.

Well, the best offer didn’t even come from an NFL team! And no, it didn’t come from Jeopardy! or Dancing with the Stars either!

It came from the home of former athletes: Enterprise!

We’ll pick you up!

Enterprise boasts about how many college athletes get hired after college graduation. That’s pretty cool! But now Enterprise is starting to dabble in hiring former pro athletes.

Great idea, folks! Way to increase your applicant pool! It might be tough to meet Aaron Rodgers’ salary request, but an MVP is definitely worth the pretty penny.

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