5 Most Over-the-Top Draft Reactions

We’ve all seen some hilarious reaction gifs from the NFL draft. Let’s take a look at the top five MOST EXTREME NFL Draft reactions in history!

#5. An unknown Las Vegas man punched his fist through his television in 2018 after the Baltimore Ravens picked Quarterback Lamar Jackson at the end of the first round. He had a lot of money riding on the Heisman Trophy winner being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. Be careful when gambling, everyone!

Whoa! Be careful around electricity!

#4. Number #4 from the 1994 NFL Draft is everyone who was not a Detroit Lions fan. In the 7th round, the Detriot Loins drafted a dude named Tom Beer. No one really knew who he was or where he came from, but as soon as the name Tom Beer was announced as the Lions pick, all non-Lions fans realized that their teams had made the greatest mistake by missing out on that gem.

#3. Coming in at #3 is Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt, newly hired coach of the then San Diego Chargers, during the 2013 NFL Draft! He had recently been fired by the Arizona Cardinals and was hoping to make a fresh start in San Diego. His new team had a great draft in the first and second round… but then in the third round, the Arizona Cardinals drafted Tyrann Mathieu before the Chargers could get him! Whisenhunt, a huge fan of the Honey Badger, ran outside to the Chargers team truck carrying 700 lbs of football equipment and flipped it over with his bare hands!!! Dang, Mr. Whisenhunt! Maybe you should have played D for the Chargers!

#2. Number two is also related to the San Diego Chargers. Yikes, maybe that’s why they needed a clean slate in LA. In 2004, an unnamed Chargers fan awoke from a 10-year coma after the Chargers picked Eli Manning as the first overall pick. Rumor has it the blood-curdling scream could be heard all the way in Australia.

#1. Following the Miami Dolphins BONEHEADED pick in the 1888 NFL Draft (a cornerback?? For -ing real???), Jack the Ripper — known previously as Good-Time Friendly Jack — was so enraged that he began a several-years-long killing spree. Wow, man. Uhhhh, maybe just get a dammit doll or something?

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