Fun facts about Brett Favre

as we all know former Packers quarterback and part time fashion model Brett Favre made his first appearance in Green bay yesterday it was the first time he’d been back to Green Bay since the infamous interception he through in the 2007 football playoffs.  It was a really big event in the world of football everyone thought Farve had been exiled when he decided to play for the Packer’s arch rivals the Minnesoda Vikings.  but that was a long time ago and now everyone really likes his blue jeans commercials and they all want 2 hear what hes been up to and stuff.

To celebrate this momentous event in football here are some facts about Brett Favre and his long career with some football teams!

  • Brett Favre’s last name used to be “Smith-Jackson” but he changed it b4 college b/c it didn’t sound french enough.
  • Brett Favre wanted 2 play lacrosse growing up b/c it sounded french
  • Brett Favre has witnessed more presidential assassinations than any other QB past or present.
  • Brett Favre still uses an iphone 4s lol thats so 3 years ago
  • Brett Farve once ate a caterpillar
  • Brett Favre sometimes wears those cool wooden japanese shoes like what the anime characters wear.  so neat!
  • brett Favre has more twitter followers than Bart Star and aaron Rodgers and walmart combined
  • for awhile ppl thought that brett favre and bart starr were the same person.  fun fact they have never been seen in the same room together!!!!!
  • Brett Favres college friends nicknamed him “war and piece” b/c that was his favorite book. he reads it every summer to keep his mind sharp.
  • brett farve has been working with president Obama and the witness protection program to create a new identity for himself so he can unretire and play football again!!!   be sure 2 keep an eye out for him next season!!!

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