2021 NFL Mock Draft Findings

T minus ONE WEEK until the 2021st NFL Draft!

Every local sports radio station and its brother has done at least one mock NFL draft in the last few weeks. With all of our top experts crunching the numbers, we’ve learned some key insights about the actual NFL Draft.

Every pick in the draft depends on the picks that happen before it!

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the first pick. If they pick a quarterback, that means the New York Jets can’t pick that quarterback; they have to pick a different player. And if there were only two top-tier quarterbacks, then if the San Francisco 49ers want to pick a quarterback, he won’t be as good as the first two quartersback. Minds. Blown.

Sweet draft strategy, Urban Meyer! We guess the Jaguars don’t need any RB’s!

If all the teams take tight ends in the first round, there won’t be any tight ends available in later rounds and those teams will have to settle for looser ends.

The spotlight will be on Jacksonville next week Thursday. GL to brand new pro-NFL Coach Urban Meyer and friends at the Jaguars, no pressure! (Note: Rumor has it, if Urban Meyer makes the wrong first pick, he will reveal in a series of Instagram posts all the embarrassing Ohio State College Football Championship tattoos he got a few years ago! Spoiler alert, we hear some are NSFW.)

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