What to expect from new NFL jersey numbers

As if the off-season isn’t already approaching peak excitement with the NFL Draft in six days! Get ready to have your minds blown with changes to player numbering.

As you know from other seasons, the NFL is SUPER strict when it comes to jersey numbers. Certain positions can only have certain numbers, it’s why so many quarterbacks are #12. And speaking of #12, all-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady haaaaaaaates the new jersey rules.

And because the rest of the NFL is tired of Brady hogging all the Super Bowl rings, our favorite players are coming up with some fun ways to troll the Bucs QB next season.

Kyler Murray, the young star QB for the Arizona Cardinals, kicked off by requesting to change the sign of his number from positive to negative. Okay, Kyler Murray, okay!

“Negative one” is kind of a mouthful for the announcers!

Then Sam Darnold, mono-survivor and the new QB for the Carolina Panthers, jumped on the bandwagon! And we thought his fave number was 14!

lol we love it!

Never one to be outdone by his follow QBs, Green Bay Packer and Jeopardy! smart-guy Aaron Rodgers changed his number to pi. That’s Greek to us, lol.

Every day can be March 14th!

Cam Newton, who replaced Brady as a New England Patriot, was eager to join in the fun.

Don’t bother saying “Hey Google”, we did the research for you! It’s called Euler’s number, named after Mr. Euler who was good at math.

We think Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons took things a little too far, though. At least his fellow quarterbacks picked actual numbers, but smart-ass Matt Ryan picked an imaginary number! (jk, very clever, Matt Ryan!)

Is Matt Ryan on the field, passing the football? Or is he just a figment of our imaginations?

lol good stuff! We can’t wait to see these cool new numbers in action next year!

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