Official Urban Meyer Ink Watch!

just when we thought 2015 couldnt get any cooler!

so it is week 2 and we’ve already had some truly great football in 2015 and NOW we have something even cooler 2 look out for!  National World Champoins Ohio State Brutus coach Urban Meyer swore a blood oath 2 his team that if they became national world college football champs, he would get a tattoo.  Such a cool idea!!  what a neat n fun way 2 motivate the team!  now the question of the day is what kind of tattoo will he get?  hear r Urban Meyers’s top 5 picks:

#1: the classic “O” for Ohio State


if he gets this one, it will go right over his heart.   awwwwwww.

#2: Buckeyes!


The buckeye nut was named after Ohio’s official state candy, some peanut butter dipped in chocolate.  in a freak coincidence, the buckeye is also Ohio State Universities mascot!!!  Wow!  coach meyer said he’s considering getting a buckeye tattooed on each eyelid so that ppl know that even when his eyes r shut he is thinking about ohio state.

#3: Tribal Arm Band Tattoo


Coach Meyer said this is his safe choice after all tattoos are 4ever and the tribal arm band never goes out of style!

#4: O-H!  I-O!


The official Ohio State Cheer!  On one butt cheek he would get “O-H!” and on the other he would get “I-O!”  what a cool way 2 participate in the cheer and root the team on 2 victory!

#5: a sweet white pegacorn with a mane of fire


a bold choice 4 sure!  but victory requires boldness!  this badass pegacorn tattoo would be drawn to look like it is bursting out of his skin.  this tattoo is money.

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