2021 NFL Mock Draft: Saints blow off draft to abduct Brees

Now we’re starting to wonder if the 2021 NFL Actual Draft can live up to the hype of all the 2021 NFL Mock Drafts!

Get this. The New Orleans Saints no-showed the draft to do a felony! At first, we were like, “Yeah, we’ve seen this weird glitch before in a mock draft!” But it turns out! The Mock-Draft New Orleans Alternate Universe Saints were blowing off the draft to KIDNAP former Saints QB Drew Brees!

Whoa, is that Saints Head Coach Sean Peyton rappelling down the side of NBC headquarters and breaking through the window?

Brees shocked the world in March by announcing his retirement from playing NFL football and his new employment at NBC. Many Saints fans were hoping he would continue to play until he’s Tom Brady’s age. Apparently Alternate Universe Mock Draft Head Coach Sean Peyton felt the same way! He and the Saints rappelled down Alternate Mock Draft Universe NBC HQ to kidnap Brees and return him to his “proper role” as Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints!

Wow! Who saw that coming?? We sure didn’t! But it’s probably unlikely to happen during the Actual This Universe NFL Draft.

T minus 10 days!

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