2021 NFL Mock Draft: Ravens no-show, Falcons trade starting roster to DWTS

You know the old saying, practice makes practice! Every year, we perfect our fantasy football drafts by doing practice mock drafts. Well, our favorite NFL teams are no different!

The NFL Draft is in T minus 10 days! The most recent mock draft, done by our fearless leaders at Big Football, revealed some surprising predictions for this year’s draft!

First of all, the Baltimore Ravens didn’t show up for this year’s in-person draft! What? No one saw that coming! In this mock draft, we all watched the timer creep down to zero seconds, everyone looked around awkwardly, and then they moved on to the next pick.

Then the Green Bay Packers used all of their picks to draft ten quarterbacks. Uhhhh we get that Aaron Rodgers won’t play forever–especially with his blossoming Jeopardy! career–but there’s no way he can mentor ten brand new junior quarterbacks. No one has that kind of time!

Next the Atlanta Falcons traded their entire starting roster to ABC’s Dancing With The Stars! Bold move, Falcons! Going with a complete offensive and defensive rebuild! Good luck!

And then THIS happened:


That’s right, folks. The Komodo Dragon–the most hated and most controversial candidate on The Masked Singer, due to his propensity to shout expletives and hurl rotten eggs at the audience–came on stage to announce that with the last pick of the NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins pick the contents of the trash can outside the main entrance of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because their team is just as likely to be deeply improved by the heaping pile of fast food wrappers, pigeon poop, and maggots as they would by the remaining NFL prospects.

Wow. Uhhh that was a tad harsh, man. This is why nobody likes you and you should be voted off, even though you have the voice of an angel.

What a wild ride this draft is shaping up to be! We can’t wait to see the real deal on April 29th!

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