2021 NFL Mock Drafts: Colts trade all picks to Rams for cool $2 mil, Brady, Gronk leave Bucs to start own team

NFL 2021 mock drafts are getting wild!

The most recent mocks show the Indianapolis Colts trading all six of their picks to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for $2 million! Wow! Don’t spend it all in one place!

In a hilarious twist, due to a CPU error in the NFL Mock Draft Machine, the people announcing the picks weren’t wearing pants! Likely some programming pranksters told the Mock Draft Motherboard that the 2021 draft was virtual, so the super efficient Mock Drafter 6000 didn’t waste any time rendering pants.

But even more shocking! At the start of the draft, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady came onstage to announce that he and his best friend and Tight End Rob Gronkowski will be leaving the Bucs to form their own team! Winning seven Super Bowls wasn’t enough for Mock-Draft Brady. In order to truly leave his mark on football, Mock-Draft Tom wants to win a Super Bowl on a two-man team! He and his buddy Gronk will play all positions: offense, defense, coach, Gatorade mixologist, you name it. We don’t think anybody saw that coming!

Sweet jersey! Brady told his one and only teammate that the jersey says “The Cool Gronks”.

Without key players at the QB and TE positions, the Bucs draft glitched and gave the team two seconds instead of two minutes. Oof. We hope you have better luck in the actual draft, Tampa Bay!

We can’t wait to see what goes down in the NFL 2021 Actual Draft! T minus 9 days, everyone! Don’t forget to turn in your vacation requests to HR!

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