How the Jets could win the NFL Draft

T minus two weeks until the 2021 NFL football draft!

You still have time to study up on all the fun new NFL rookies who could someday soon be the difference makers on your team!

This year, the New York Jets–the third most popular team in all of New York!–have the #2 pick. Jets coach Robert Saleh and his team have poured over data for months, getting ready to draft the perfect player to join the team in their title run! But look, folks, numbers can only tell you so much. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut.

In that spirit, we surveyed the people who know best: New York Jets FANS!

Take a look at the results from the community’s armchair coaches.

Good choices, everyone!

Good luck, Coach Saleh and friends! And GL to the other coaches who haven’t yet polled their fan base… the clock is ticking!

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