Get Your Baseball Fix

It’s that time of year again!

Time to get really excited about baseball for five minutes!

Baseball was the first national pastime in America! In the days of old, our great great grandfathers memorized player statistics and traded little pieces of paper with pictures of their fave players. Lol paper! Nowadays we have the internet on our phones and we can catch virtual baseball players to trade with our friends.

The first five minutes of the game are all you need to get your yearly baseball fix. Then you can go back to your phone or laundry or blanching almonds.

Pro tip: if you download a sports app on your phone, you can stream an NBA or NHL game to watch when there is a lull in the baseball action.

Another pro tip: the majority of the game is a lull.

This is what 90% of a baseball game looks like.

If you need to make water cooler conversation about the baseball game that went on in the background of the NBA game on your phone, here is all you need:

  • “Wow, the National Anthem, amiright?”
  • “Who’s on first? lol remember that?”
  • “I just love dancing along with the animals to ‘Move It, Move It,’ don’t you? It will never get old.”
  • “Gotta get my Cracker Jacks for the game!”
  • “More like the turd inning!” Then hold up your hand for a high five.

Play ball!

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