Taysom Hill: A Cinderella Story

On Sunday, long-time football player and former tight end Taysom Hill made his debut as an NFL quarterback. In America, you can be anything you want to be. Let’s delve into Taysom Hill’s career history leading up to becoming a starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

1990: Baby
Taysom Hill started his journey to NFL QB by starting out as a baby. We guess that’s an interesting place to start. No one would have predicted that he would become a starting quarterback.

Workin’ hard or hardly workin’? Mondays, amiright?

1995: Kid
After spending a few years as a baby, Taysom Hill was promoted to the position of “Kid”. While not a prestigious job, he learned what a football was and how to read and do math. Necessary skills for tracking your team’s points, negotiating your salary, and keeping tabs on your work email.

2000: 10-Year-Old Kid
Basically a middle manager. By far the low point of Taysom Hill’s 30-year career.

2009: High School Senior
Renaissance Man Taysom Hill dabbled in a variety of high school sports, including football.

2009 – 2012: ???
For awhile, Mystery Man Taysom Hill completely dropped off the radar. Some speculate that he was a secret agent, others think he was abducted by aliens. All we know is he wasn’t making waves in sports.

2012: NCAA NFL Jr. Football Player
Taysom Hill was rested and ready to play some BYU football!

A star is born!

2017: NFL Player / Jack of All Trades
Taysom Hill made it to the pros! After a brief stint as a Green Bay Packer, he ultimately became a New Orlean Saint. Here he began a string of odd jobs for the Saints. He was a Tight End, Punt Returner, Assistant Coach, Gatorade Guru, Tighter End, and–most recently–the team x-ray technician.

2020: NFL Quarterback
In week 10, Chief X-Ray Tech Taysom Hill was conducting routine x-rays on Starting Quarterback Drew Brees when he made a startling discovery: Drew Brees had 11 broken ribs! Whoa!! As a thank you for saving their quarterback’s life, the Saints agreed that Local Hero Taysom Hill should be the quarterback for the rest of the year.

Taysom Hill preparing to review Drew Brees’ x-rays.
Good thing this x-ray x-pert was on the job!

Keep up the good work, Taysom Hill!

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