New Golf Resort Coming Soon to AZ

With weather that allows for year-round golf, Arizona has quickly become the #1 destination in the United States for golf pros and amateurs alike.  Unfortunately, the desert climate makes it increasingly expensive to maintain the lush, grassy courses we’ve all grown accustomed to.

In an effort to lower costs and conserve the state’s scarce water resources, Arizona will be unveiling a new type of golf course for the adventurous, modern golfer!  The new X-Treme Desert Experience Resort gives athletes an authentic Arizona experience while they hone their skills.

With options of nine holes, eighteen holes, the ULTIMATE SURVIVAL 100-HOLE CHALLENGE, golfers of all skill level can enjoy stunning Arizona flora and wildlife.  Encounter unique obstacles like wild coyotes and dehydration and other golfers!  All courses are 95% sand traps. Schedule an ULTIMATE SURVIVAL tee time with your business partners, and they will be mad impressed by your grit. Time to follow through on the action items and solidify that merger!


Whoa, check out these cool cacti!

These stunning desert natives are called Jumping Cholla.  They’re covered in billions of prickly spines so thin, it’s impossible to see where they end with the human eye!  An uninformed golfer may approach that golf ball, take a swing, and end up with a hand full of sharp needles! This is what makes golf X-TREME!!! Welcome to the ULTIMATE difficulty setting. 

This fella is more scared of you than you are of him!

Awww, hey there, little guy!

Fun Arizona Fact–did you the Rattlesnake is the Official State Bird?  As such, it is a felony to kill these majestic creatures!  However, before you bring home a new souvenir pet from your trip to Arizona, keep in mind that fast-acting rattlesnake venom can kill two cows in under a minute!  Probably best to just write down 10 over par if this cutie patootie takes a special interest in your golf ball. If you can get close enough to take a selfie with one of these desert dwellers, your Instagram followers will have major fomo. (Just be sure to post it before the venom paralyzes your fingers!)

This Saguaro is 150 years old! Happy Birthday!

In ol’ State Forty-Eight, you can’t swing a golf club without hitting one of these beauties!

But please don’t actually hit a Saguaro cactus with a golf club!  If you happen to graze this cactus with your club and damage it, you could be facing a $100K fine or life in prison!  The Saguaro is the Arizona state bird and is uniquely adapted to live in a desert environment.  It can survive without water and even in the vacuum of space!  Saguaros are rumored to thrive off the crushed hopes and dreams of Arizona sports fans.  Fun fact, a Saguaro lives 75 years before it grows its first arm!

Winter is the perfect time of year to visit Arizona and experience some radical golf adventures! And after you get bored, you can spend the other 23 hours and 40 minutes of your day hiking up scenic mountains, watching the Phoenix Suns, or dropping hella cash on locally made art.

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