Sports Comparison

Your friends and family are really tired of hearing you complain about your fantasy football season. They might try to drag you into a different sports fandom to boost your spirits.

In order to compare your options, we’ve prepared those cool hexagon sports diagrams that sports experts usually make for the players, so you know what you’re getting into if you decide to leave the football fandom.


Compared to the other sports out there, football season is pretty short! The teams only play 16 games before the playoffs. If you’re a football player and you get sick one weekend, your stats are trashed. And football players tend to get hurt a lot because they put on more muscle than any human being should carry. There is one team called the Titans!


As you can see, basketball is a totally different animal! The games are shorter but there are four times as many basketball games as football games. Basketball games tend to go by faster, and they’re the most high scoring games of any sport! Often the teams score more than 100 points! Unfortunately they have zero teams named the Titans.


Hockey is the lowest scoring sport ever created. But people love it because it’s cold and violent and the players get to carry sticks and wear blades on their feet! There are a lot of games, but they don’t last as long as football games so folks don’t get bored. Unfortunately there are no hockey teams named the Titans.


Baseball. Whew. There are so many baseball games. They don’t even make an official MLB schedule, teams just show up and play basically every night. And there’s no limit to how long a game can last. Somebody has to win, so Big Baseball just keeps adding innings to the game until a team wins or collapses from exhaustion and forfeits. Like hockey players, baseball players also get to carry cool sticks. There are no teams called the Titans in baseball either, somebody really dropped the ball on this.

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