What are you watching?

Tonight we must all make a difficult choice.

Do we watch the Big 10 Championship game between Ohio State and Wisconsin? Or do we watch the Houston Rockets take on the Phoenix Suns?

The Big 10 Championship is a big deal. The Big 10 is the second biggest college football coalition, smaller only than the Big 12 (for obvious reasons). The Big 12 is the biggest. But the Big 10 is still big. Do you want to miss out on this big game? If you live in the MidWest, this game is mandatory viewing. You also are legally required to pick a side. Don’t worry, you can play it safe by just wearing red.

Red is the official color of both Wisconsin and Ohio State, so if one of your Wisconsin fan friends asks you who you’re rooting for, you can tell them Wisconsin and if an Ohio State fan friend asks, you can tell them Ohio State. Win win. Houston Rockets are also red, it’s the most versatile color in sports! (If you’re talking to a Suns fan, just tell them your shirt is orange and that they should get their eyes checked. Then accuse them of wearing the wrong color, it works every time.)

We polled sports fans across the country, take a look at the most popular viewing plans for tonight:

Tough decision.

Good luck to the teams playing tonight!

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