Peyton Manning breaks all time record!

If you missed yesterday’s thrilling game between the Denver Bucking Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs Other Footballs then u missed history being made!

During the first quarter, Broncos QB Peyton Manning broke the world record for most passing yards in a Professional NFL career!  Wow!  Great work, Peyton Manning!  We knew you could do it!  The World NFL Career Yards Record was previously held by former Falcon, Packer, Jet, Viking, and Wrangler Jeans Aficionado Brett Favre.

After completing the record breaking pass, Peyton Manning promptly walked off the field and out of the stadium.  (He was carrying the record breaking football with him as he left the field so he actually accrued negative yards!  Yikes!  Sorry, fantasy owners!)  He then übered home and watched the rest of the game from the comfort of his own recliner.

Brett Farve texts Peyton Manning a congratulatory message as Manning watches the rest of the game in style!

Ten minutes later, Brett Favre announced his un-retirement from football.

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