Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, every1!  In honor of this national holiday here is a sweet history lesson about the first thanksgiving!

At the first thanksgiving the Pilgrims and their new Native friends got together to watch the exciting first super bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Other Footballs!  Fun Fact, the Kansas City Other Footballs were originally called the Kansas City Chiefs, yikes.  The Pilgrims were worried that their new friends would be offended that they named the football team after the Native leaders, so they fibbed a little n said that the team was called the “Other Footballs”.  Quick thinking, Pilgrims!  Their new friends thought that was a weird name, but they just figured it was some weird white ppl thing.

Here a lady pilgrim gets ready to carve the First Thanksgiving Ham!  They had to real quick eat that ham so they could make a football out of the pigskin.  This pilgrim lady is still smiling because she is blissfully unaware that she is about to listen to the first annual family Thanksgiving Dinner Table Sports Talk.
Part of the First Thanksgiving Spread!  No one would eat the cheese, tho, the Packers fans took turns putting it on their heads so then no one wanted it.

The settlers and their new friends went around the table and said what they were most thankful for!  All of the pilgrims were secretly thanksful that the Washington team hadn’t made it to the super bowl (this was before they changed their team name to the Washington Footballs).  But they couldn’t say that out loud so they just said family n friends or w/e.

After dinner, every1 gathered around the television to watch the super bowl!  It was real tough to tell the players apart because clothing didnt come in colors back then!  Also televisions were a lot smaller.

There u have it!  A real neat history lesson about the First Thanksgiving!  Football has always been a Thanksgiving tradition so dont 4get ur fave team and players when ur thinking about what to b thanksful for today!  Time to tune in to the special Thanksgiving Turkey Thursday Edition of Sunday Night Football!  GL to all the players 2day!

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