Happy November!

Welcome 2 November, every1!  Some teams forgot to set their clocks for daylight savings time.  The Steelers accidentally set their clocks one day behind instead of one hour, so they wore there bumblebee Halloween costumes to the game today.  Oops!  Well, dont worry, Steelers!  We all love ur outfits, so keep on rockin!  November is a grate month 4 football!

For the NFL n our football players, November is a brand new month with brand new issues to raise awareness for!  Lets take a look at what we will see this month!

Beards!  November is beard and mustache awareness month!  Take a careful look at the football players and u will see that none of them shave during November.

Hear is how age progression software predicts Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will look by the end of the month! B sure to note, he has a head start over the other players, he hasn’t shaved in almost 7 years!

Camouflage.  Having a hard time seeing the players and coaches?  Well no wonder!  They’re wearing special camouflage colors to blend into the football field and run some wild sneak plays!  What will they think of next?

Here Giants Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr consult a floating tablet! Magic? Or fashion?? If u look very closely, u will see the tablet is held by coach Tom Coughlin sporting trendy NY Giants Official Camouflage Gear!

Snow.  We might start to see snow during some of these football games!  Wow!

A sneak preview of the Nov 22nd Vikings Packers game! Not even a blizzard will stop football!

Diabetes November is also diabetes awareness month!  If u are thinking about getting diabetes, u should wait until after November.

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, all of the Gatorade will b replaced by Mountain Dew, the official soda of diabetes! Don’t worry, Jay Cutler! It’s Sugar Free Diet Mountain Dew with twice as many electrolytes as Regular Mountain Dew!

Turkey! On the special Thursday Afternoon edition of Sunday Night Football, our fave players will forego eating a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner with their families in order to bring all of us what we are truly thankful for: football!

In honor of their special Thanksgiving Holiday Edition of the Saturday Edition of Thursday Night Football, Lions kicker Matt Prater kicks a stuffed turkey through the uprights! Excellent kick, Matt Prater! We knew you could do it!

Bundle up, everyone!  Happy November!

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