Bacon Cancer Awareness Month

The NFL n its players are always on top of current events and health issues, our fave NFLers go out of there way to keep us sillies aware of current health issues that we might otherwise never hear about!
Today Roger Goodell has declared November to be “Bacon Cancer Awareness Month” whoa.  That news just came out today!  Thanks for always being on the ball, Roger Goodell!  Famous British Boy Band the WHO announced today that their new research links a whole bunch of delicious meats to cancer.  The biggest culprit is bacon.  In America the Motherland of Football nearly 85% of all foods include some form of bacon, so B CAREFUL!  The NFL just wants every1 2 b safe n healthy.
Here are some exciting things to forward to for the the month of November!

Because there will be soooooo much extra bacon at the grocery store, football players are helping pig farmers by showing all of us alternative uses for bacon!  All four Sundaes in November, the players will be replacing their uniform pads with plastic bags FULL of raw bacon!!!  Wow!  Fun fact, bacon is the #2 substance for absorbing impact.  Thanks, science and pigs!
Here is what Lions Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson will b wearing every weekend in November! Rock it, Calvin Johnson!! Someday maybe NASA will be able to use bags of bacon to cushion their space ships on reentry!

John Madden is working on a fun new patch for his famous video game Madden 16 right now!  His new code will replace all of the football players with strips of bacon wearing a jersey and all of the sound effects will be oinks.  Sounds hilarious, John Madden!  We can’t wait to see it!
Newly Released Madden ’16 Concept Art showing Drew Brees as a giant piece of bacon! What a cool gimmick that won’t ever get old or unfunny!

Rumor has it Kansas City Other Footballs Coach and Renaissance Man Andy Reid is authoring a vegetarian cookbook to debut in stores in November!  It will undoubtedly be a page-turner!

In some stadiums, the ol’ pigskin will b replaced by a giant wad of bacon!
Here is what Vikings kicker Blair Walsh will look like when he kicks a giant wad of bacon 60 yards thru the uprights next weekend! Nice one, Blair Walsh!!
Enjoy the last week in October, every1!  And don’t forget, b careful around cured meats!!!

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