okay as if the world doesnt have ENOUGH PROBLEMS suddenly ppl r worried about aids again like they do once a year, the worrying about aids event is becoming this century’s thanksgiving day parade except its not sponsored by macys. idk who sponsors this aids stuff prolly sears, theyre desparate 4 business lol. anyway all this desease stuff is so confusing so here are some Qs and As to help u work through it.

Why red?

Everyone wanted aids to b pink but FREAKING BREAST CANCER already picked that color. red was the next closest thing.

so if i wear a red t-shirt or w/e does that mean I wont get aids?

Correct! red is the international symbol for “STOP” it means stop in every language except swedish. wearing red reduces ur chance of getting aids by 79%!!! lets say ur out shopping and someone w/ aids approaches u and they want to share a needle or have sex with u. they will see that ur wearing red and they will immediately know to STOP and not share aids with u. it would prolly b in ur best interest to wear something red all the time just in case unless u really like aids and want 2 get some.

is the nfl supporting aids like they supported beast cancer in october?

yeah!! duh of course! b sure to check out the buccaneers and cradinals new RED uniforms today so cool

What’s with all these red apps on my phone?

idk prolly a glitch?

how many ppl have AIDS?

fun fact OVER 8% of the worlds population has aids!! thats like 900 ppl so many!!! #awareness

tell me another neat fact about aids plz

AIDS is a palindrome.

whats the name of that broadway show about all those ppl who had aids?

its called “cats” its a play about some homeless furries. theyre families found out that they r furries and disowned them so they all hang out by the trash cans n sing songs together. spoiler alert i think someone dies?? so if u go see it bring tissues.

what state has the most aids per capital?

that would be south africa, they have THREE whole capitols down there! neat #africafax #statistics

What is Obama doing to fight AIDS?

President Obama announced this morning that he will wear a red tie from now on to show his support for teh WAR ON AIDS. Biden heard that and was pissed b/c red is a republican color. he told obama that he would have no part of this wearing red BS he’s just going to keep wearing his lucky blue tie. obama just lol’ed cuz now biden is at risk for the aids. what a dumbass everyone know that blue attracts aids.

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