SUSPECTS emerge in Cam Newton car crash

police are investigating possible FOUL PLAY in this today’s car crash involving the north carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton.  Hear r the top 3 suspects as of tonight:

3. That Kid from that one commercial who in the future will be Cam Newton’s mom’s favorite player.  

Let’s face it.  That Kid has the motive.  he straight up told cam newton that he wanted him out of the picture.

2. Some BOSE headphones

rumor has it cam newton was wearing bose headphones AKA the tool of the devil when he rolled his truck earlier 2day.  sure theyre cordless or w/e and that’s really neat.  and super convenient.  but it’s also a good idea 2 pay attention to the road while ur driving.  LIFE HACK: sometimes its a good idea 2 b able to hear sounds of traffic while ur driving.  STAY SAFE, people!!!

3. Cam Newton HIMSELF!!!!

maybe cam newton was getting tired of being a QB.  he has so many other talents like woodworking and accounting and mario cart maybe he just needed a break from the stress of being a NFL football player and celebrity?  don’t worry, cam newton!!!  whatever u decide to do u will be great!  LIVE UR DREAM!

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