Opinion: Lakers Should Fire Every Coach and Player

Other members of the NBA’s Western Conference Pacific Division have shared the opinion that the Los Angeles Lakers should fire everyone in the organization and rebuild. Whoa, those are some strong words!

“They need to get rid of LeBron [James],” said sources close to the Golden State Warriors, who were recently knocked out of the NBA Playoffs by LeBron and his pals. “They shouldn’t stop there! They should get rid of everybody. All the players. The coaches. The owners. And the arena! Yes, they need to demolish Crypto.com Arena.”

“We also think the Lakers should fire everybody and demolish Crypto.com Arena,” said Los Angeles Clippers insiders. “Yeah! Take that, Lakers! Where are you going to play now?”

“Great idea,” said Sacramento Kings fans. “We’ll help you schedule the demolition!”

The demo crew arrives at Crypto.com Arena!

The Lakers have lost their first two Western Conference Finals games to the Denver Nuggets.

“We have ideas for the Nuggets, too,” said Phoenix Suns fans.

Tune in tomorrow to watch Lakers-Nuggets Game Three!

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