How Many Former Packers Can the Jets Acquire Before They’re No Longer the Jets?

Rumor has it that New York Jets staff members are spending a full workday refreshing Green Bay Packers news sites and social media, in the hopes of finding football players that the Packers have let go.

“Look, we want to surround Aaron Rodgers with all his fave guys,” said a Jets insider. “Did you hear that alarm that went off a few minutes ago? It went off because a news story popped up that the Pack released their long snapper Jack Coco. We’ve already got our best guys tracking down his contact info!”

“It makes you wonder, though. How many Packers can we add to our roster before we stop being the Jets and we become the Green Bay Packers?”

The browser tabs of a New York Jets office employee!

“I mean, it’s like you start replacing parts on a car. If you replace every single part of the car, is it still the original car? Or is the engine the soul of the car, and as soon as you replace the engine, you’ve got a new entity? Is the quarterback the soul of the team? Have we already become the Packers by signing Aaron Rodgers? Have we been the Packers ever since we signed Brett Favre and we just didn’t know it? I need to lie down. I have a lot of thinking to do.”

When do the Jets stop being the Jets? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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