Lakers’ Lonnie Walker Dominates Game Four Headlines

After a high-intensity 104-101 Lakers’ Game Four Victory over the Warriors, sports journalists remain fixated on Lonnie Walker IV, shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I can’t believe they let him play like that,” said a stunned sports writer. “That’s so irresponsible. The Lakers are just begging for infection control stoppages in play.”

“Maybe that was their plan the whole time,” mused another writer. “A clever way to buy more rest for LeBron [James].”

“I wish I’d seen the game,” lamented another journalist. “How the heck did he score 15 points with an IV hanging out of his arm? You know, maybe it’s better I didn’t see it.”

We don’t know how Lonnie Walker dribbled down the court with this bad boy trailing behind him. It must have been quite the game!

Well, we sure are impressed, Lonnie Walker! We can’t wait to see you play without the IV. Good luck in the playoffs!

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