Top 10 Emojis Folks Use When Talking About the NBA Playoffs

Folks who tune in to watch the NBA Playoffs are obviously going to text their family and friends about the big games!

Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular emojis folks are using when they talk about the biggest b-ball games of the year!

#10 – The Basketball Emoji
Obvi! Basketball has a lot of letters, we get it. TLDR, are we right?


#9 – The Other Basketball Emoji
Makes sense, makes sense. When our teams are winning, we see this basketball when we look in the mirror.

Neat b-ball.

#8 – The Other Other Basketball Emoji
When our teams lose, this is the basketball inside of us.

If you see this basketball, you should call a good chum and have a chat!

#7 – This Basketball Emoji
These basketball emojis popped up all over texts earlier today.

Huh. This one looks deflated.

#6 – A Basketball Emoji
We get it.

Our face right now.

#5 – Scott Foster Emoji
Basketball fans must have been overjoyed to see that Big Cell Phone released emojis depicting everyone’s favorite NBA official, Scott Foster.

There’s that “Chris Paul fouled out” smile.

#4 – Basketball Emoji
This one is unique because it’s like a smiley face that turned into a basketball! Is that a risk when you watch too much basketball?

This is just lazy.

#3 – A Face With Basketball Eyes
This really does look like the hazard of watching too much b-ball.

Kill it with fire.

#2 – A Basketball Emoji
This oddly shaped basketball has been shared a lot, and no one is really sure why.

That’s a funky b-ball.

#1 – Basketball Emoji
This emoji represents how many fans feel post-game!

RIP in peace!

What’s your most-used basketball emoji? Share in the comments!

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