10 Signs You Don’t Know Much About Football

With all the hype surrounding the recently completed 2023 NFL Draft, you might be wondering how much you actually know about the most popular sport in America!

Here are 10 signs that you don’t know very much about football!

10. On Thursday night, you did a Goggle search for “What’s all this weird stuff on the ESPN channel right now”.
Yup, sounds like you’re pretty clueless about the NFL draft!

9. You recently asked Jeeves “hey jeeves, how do i do a football play help”.
Remember folks, before you play football, you should always do your research.

8. You think “I don’t know much about football” while the games are on TV.
A pretty solid sign that you don’t much about football.

7. You goongled “is John Elway real?”
Everybody knows that John Elway is only a myth and a legend and not a man. If you have to look this up, you might not know much about anything!

Another 7. You turned on private browsing so you could bing “where did football come from”.
Someone who truly knows about football would just crack open a cold one and not worry about where football came from. Just be glad it’s here, folks.

4. You Yahoo!’ed a google search that said “how many footballs in an average game of football”.
Even lukewarm fans know the answer is 87. Dude. Get your act together.

Three. You Binged “Hey Bing, how do I google what team is the San Francisco 49ers?”
It might be time to come clean to your friends and family that you don’t know much about football!

Less than 3. You Jeeved “What number is in the team name for the San Francisco 49ers?”
Luckily for you, football season overlaps with other not as interesting sports!

And finally! The number one sign that you don’t know much at all about football:

#1. You clicked on this article to find out if you didn’t know much about football lol.
See what we did here lmbo. You thought this was going to be the definitive answer to your question about how little football knowledge you actually have, and instead it’s just a reference to the words you’re already reading.

What other sports do you think you don’t know about? Share in the comments!

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