Sports Journalists: Only Hours Left to Write About NFL Draft Predictions!

Ever since the National Football League regular season came to a close, sports journalists have been looking for new and creative ways to make NFL Draft predictions for their content.

Let’s take a look at the ten worst ideas that sports writers used to get some food for thought for online articles!

#10. NFL draft predictions as made by my niece’s pet hamster. We doubt the accuracy on this one!

#9. I asked my dead great-grandmother to predict all first round picks in the NFL draft and this is what happened! Uh, wow. Was there any text to this article?

#8. NFL Draft simulator for 1994 NFL Draft! Chock full of surprises.

#8. Order of NFL draft picks predicted by ostrich races. That’s a new one. We’d read that article!

#8. NFL Draft Pick order as predicted by average results of 4,323,849 mock drafts. Statistics say this article is probably the best predictor. But we won’t know until we know!

#8. NFL mock draft using toothpaste and a block of cheese. Alright, we’re intrigued.

#8. We opened 10 million fortune cookies from Panda Express, to see if any of the NFL draft candidates’ names were written on the fortunes, to predict the NFL draft order. We did this so you don’t have to! Thanks, man! What a pal!

#8. NBA mock draft if the NBA were drafting the NFL draft prospects. Cool, job shadowing! Big Sport wants all employees cross-trained ASAP!

#8. I asked Bill Belichick to spill the tea on the Pats’ draft strategy! Here’s what we learned! Another blank article. We guess some journalists aren’t paid by word count!

Last but not least–#8. Here’s what my goldfish thinks about the NFL draft! We don’t know what to say about this one, but you probably shouldn’t bet any money on this draft order.

He looks trustworthy.

We can’t wait to see what really happens in tomorrow’s draft! GL to all the teams!

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