Nashville Reactions to Titans Stadium

The Tennessee Titans are hoping to be the next NFL team to get a brand new stadium!

The current home of the Titans is Nissan Stadium, which opened in 1999. Kids these days hadn’t even been born yet!

“I don’t care how much taxes go up,” said a Titans fan and Louisville, Kentucky, resident. “The Titans deserve to have the best stadium in the country. Period!”

“Is that how taxes work?” asked a longtime Nashville resident. “I’d root for the Titans no matter where they play, they’re the most titanic team in the NFL.”

“They need a titanic stadium,” said Titans QB Ryan Tannehill wearing a disguise.

The Tennessee Titans marketing department asked for fans’ opinions on a new stadium. “We wanted to hear what the fans wanted, what words they would use to describe the ideal stadium for their team,” said a Titans marketing associate. “Then we put it in a word cloud to share with leadership. Everyone loves word clouds!”


“The Titans are America’s Sweetheart team,” said a Nashville resident. “They deserve the best of everything.”

Will the city of Nashville approve the construction of a new stadium? Stay tuned to find out!

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