Typo Determines New Orleans Saints First Round Pick

Earlier tonight the NFL Draft was in full swing, rookie football players were flying off the board, fans were tweeting their draft strategies to the team front offices, and Commissioner Roger Goodell and his pals were reading off draft pick names like it was their job. Fun was being had by all!

And then the New Orleans Saints were on the clock! It was the 29th pick of the 2023 NFL Draft in 2023! And the Saints front office folks were scrambling to decide on their first round pick! Who were they going to take? A QB? A tight end? An even tighter end?

As the Saints staff were scrolling through the list of available players, a light shone down from the heavens and illuminated a single name on the list.

“He’s back,” whispered a Saints decision-maker. “I can’t believe it. Everyone, he’s back! Lock it in!”

Everybody in the Saints HQ draft room stood up and applauded. Many tears of joy were shed. There he is! Back and ready to rejoin the New Orleans Saints and lead the team to another Super Bowl victory!

And with the 29th pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints selected Bryan Bresee, defensive lineman from Clemson!

Congratulations, Bryan Bresee! Enjoy your new home in Nola!

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