Draymond Green Has Dream Outside of NBA Career

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green made headlines when he stomped on Sacramento King’s Domantas Sabonis’s chest during the NBA Playoffs. Although Mr. Green was suspended for one game as a result, his basketball colleagues remain concerned about his sportsmanship in general.

Some NBA players have accused Draymond Green of purposefully trying to scratch their face and eyes while they’re shooting–even going so far as to say that Mr. Green doesn’t trim his fingernails all season so they’re long and sharp when he gets his hands near players’ faces.

“I chatted with Draymond Green about that at a mutual friend’s birthday party,” said an anonymous NBA referee. “Turns out, it’s totally harmless! He’s been trying to grow his nails so he can be in the Guiness Book of World Records for longest fingernails, but it’s really hard for him because he has to use his hands a lot for work. We think it’s really neat that he’s trying to do achieve a fun personal goal outside of basketball.”

“There’s a code among players,” said Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. “Players are supposed to support each other on and off the court. When Draymond goes to block a shot, he’s just hoping his opponents will share one of his interests and comment about his dream to be in the Guiness World Record Book. And frankly, it’s disheartening how many players show no interest whatsoever in his goal. Some of them even recoil, clutching their faces as blood gushes between their fingers. And I say, ‘Come on, fellas. Just tell the guy he’s making great strides toward his goal.’ It’s not that hard.”

Draymond Green is wide open for a slam dunk!

Well, Draymond Green, best of luck with your passions!

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