Five Naughty Words That Snuck Into NBA Playoffs Broadcasts

Professional athletes know when they’re “mic’d up” but the fans in the audience don’t always realize when they’re sitting too close to a microphone or camera operator!

Don’t be a potty mouth!

Here are five words that could be overheard in the TV broadcast of last week’s NBA playoff games!

#1: ”
As Philadelphia 76ers’ James Harden casually splashed a two-pointer in game three, a disappointed Nets fan could be heard in the background yelling this no-no word! There are kids in the audience, man! Let’s keep it clean.

#2: ”
When basketball’s most beloved official Scott Foster ran onto the court in game two between the Suns and Clippers, a loud roar of this obscenity emanated from the local fans who didn’t realize that Mr. Foster was officiating the game. Even some of the children joined in on that one!

#3. “
That’s not very nice at all! When the mobile beer vendor ran out of product before making it to the top row of State Farm Arena, an unhappily sober Atlanta Hawks fan could be heard muttering this just a little too close to a camera. Situational awareness, people!

#4. ”
A fan on the way back to his seat at the Nuggets’ Ball Arena was balancing four containers of nachos, three souvenir cups full of soda, and two giant cookies when he tripped over a kid holding up his gross shoe for the sneaker cam. As $200 worth of concessions sailed through the air, the horrified fan could be heard yelling this word repeatedly!

#5. ”
Some young, intoxicated adults in a fraternity knew where they were sitting close to a camera and microphone at Cleveland’s Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, so whenever the arena got a little quiet, they would yell this as loud as they could. And to think they kiss their mothers with those mouths!

Stay classy out there, friends! And remember–the little kids in the audience have to learn the words somewhere!

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