Have the MLB’s Athletics Found Their Forever Home?

The current Oakland A’s made headlines yesterday when they announced a plan to leave Oakland and follow their frenemies the Raiders to Las Vegas.

This will be the fourth new home for the Athletics! Believe it or not, the A’s started out in Philadelphia alongside their first frenemies, the Philadelphia Phillies. Unfortunately for the A’s, Philadelphians weren’t interested enough in baseball to have two teams, and the residents liked the name “Phillies” better, so the A’s had to move!

The wound up in Kansas City, and the Kansas residents were excited at first to have a local sports team. But then the football team the Chiefs swooped in, and folks realized that football was a lot more fun to watch than baseball. The Athletics started looking for a new location.

California seemed to be a neat place, and all the Oldies songs were about California, so the A’s thought Oakland would be a great fit! Too bad for the A’s, Cali is still the hottest location for sports, and they just can’t compete with all the football and basketball teams.

Third Fourth time’s the charm!

The Oakland A’s owners decided that Las Vegas would be their new home. “It’s worked out well for the Raiders,” said John J. Fischer, “and I’m sure they’d be cool with us crashing with them until we get our own ballpark.”

Good luck, A’s! We hope you find your forever home!

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