AZ Cardinals Release New Uniforms

…into the atmosphere!

Earlier today, due a miscommunication between employees in the Arizona Cardinals Marketing Department, the Cardinals gathered up all the brand new 2023 jerseys, attached the new garb to balloons, and sent them up into the sky.

“Well, it wasn’t what we expected to see today, that’s for sure,” said a Phoenix resident. “We kind of got a glimpse of the jerseys, but then they were just carried away by the wind.”

Unfortunately for the Cardinals, star safety Budda Baker was still wearing a jersey when the balloons were attached.

“Oh ,” shouted new head coach Jonathan Gannon. “Now he’ll definitely want to be traded. Somebody follow him, see where he lands!”

Bye, Budda Baker!

“Maybe the balloons will carry him all the way to Philadelphia,” said a hopeful Cardinals accounting associate. “Then if the Eagles decide to trade for him, we won’t have to pay as much for relocation.”

Stay safe, Budda Baker!

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  1. Lol  Buddy is one of my favorites,  excellent one!

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