Winnipeg Attendees “Disappointed” in High-Scoring NHL Game

In one of the highest scoring games of hockey ever, the Winnipeg Jets triumphed over the San Jose Sharks, scoring a shocking six points for the home team!

Unfortunately, due a publishing snafu, the fans in attendance were not the least bit interested in the Jets’ victory.

“I don’t know what happened when we were printing the fliers,” said a mystified Winnipeg Jets marketing associate. “Maybe it was a spell check error? The people in the seats were really unhappy, though. I don’t know what they were expecting.”

Yeah, obviously a hockey game.

“I hated the new ending,” said an angry fan after the match. “Why do directors these days always have to put their own twist on things? The Jets aren’t supposed to win. Nobody wins! That’s the whole point of the story!”

“The play was great,” said a high school kid on his phone. “I learned about shake spears, and I can show my ticket stub to my English teacher tomorrow for five extra credit points.”

“It was more violent than I remembered,” said another attendee.

Good luck in your next games, Sharks and Jets!

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