What’s Happening to the NBA?

If you tuned into NBA news today, you might be asking yourself: what’s happening to the NBA??

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is wondering the same thing!

Earlier today, chaos erupted in Minnesota when Timberwolves beloved center Rudy Gobert punched his teammate forward Kyle Anderson–leaving Mr. Gobert’s future with the team uncertain.

Across the country in Phoenix, tension rose among the visiting Clippers players, resulting in a shoving match between guard Bones Hyland and center Mason Plumlee. Sources close to the Clippers revealed that Mr. Hyland asked if the team could replace Mason Plumlee with a different and better Plumlee.

“I just don’t get it,” lamented a frustrated Adam Silver. “My motto is ‘good vibes only’! And these were not good vibes today.”

A real photo of Adam Silver’s actual office.

“Maybe we make every team hang up a ‘good vibes only’ sign,” mused Adam Silver. “It could hang right next to the mandatory HR posters about OSHA. Or better yet–in the locker room! Maybe like a ‘Ted Lasso’ thing.”

We hope the playoffs have a more positive energy! Fix your vibes, everyone!

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