Mythical John Elway Done With Football?

Rumor has it that the mysterious “John Elway” is done with football, as his contract reportedly expired last month! But was he there to begin with?

“I know John Elway is the president of the Broncos, but there’s part of me that doesn’t really believe,” confessed a longtime Broncos fan. “Has anybody ever seen him? I guess I just have a hard time with the ‘blind faith’ thing. But if he is real, uh, congratulations on retiring from football again.”

Legends tell us that John Elway served as the Broncos quarterback for over 15 seasons and took the Broncos to multiple Super Bowls before joining the front office staff.

“That just doesn’t seem possible,” said a Denver resident. “Back-to-back Super Bowl wins? I don’t think so. Do we even have video footage of this guy?”

“This Super Bowl clip is clearly a deep fake,” said another Denverite. “It’s all grainy. That could be anybody out there.”

A framed John Elway jersey on display at Broncos HQ! Some say that this very jersey was once worn by Elway himself.

Well, Mr. Elway, if you’re out there, we wish you the best!

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