Panthers Marketing Department Reacts to Uniform Color Changes

Carolina Panthers Marketing Team was “beyond thrilled” to announce today that the Panthers will “finally” wear uniforms with the correct color of blue beginning this fall.

“You can imagine how big of a deal this is,” said a beaming marketing executive as Sir Purr did a sick backflip behind the podium. “As everyone’s noticed, the Panthers have been off-brand for over a decade. But no longer! Pause for applause. Oh, oops, I wasn’t supposed to read that part. The NFL jersey partners with Nike have recently discovered a new shade of blue that perfectly matches our beloved Panthers brand!”

“Take a look at the before and after colors of your Carolina Panthers uniforms!”

“You can tell how option #1, which we’ve used since 2012, is a disgusting mockery of the true Panthers blue. It makes me sick just looking at it.”

“Now look at option #2 — such a difference! This color is the essence of Carolina and the Panthers!”

Sir Purr rode a unicycle across the stage while juggling five flaming swords as the audience clapped politely for the new Panthers blue.

We can’t wait to see the New Panthers run out of the tunnel this fall!

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