New Basketball Rule Will Let Professional Players Smoke Weed

The ghost of the late great Medina Spirit is smiling down from horse heaven at the news that the National Basketball Players Association is making it legal for players to get their chill on whenever they want.

“Cool, Mom! I can smoke weed now,” said a middle school basketball player. “Can I have some money for the bake sale? I want to see if any of those brownies are made with the Mary Jane!”

Sorry, junior! Weed is just for the pros!

“Dude! That cloud looks like a horse smoking a joint!”
“I think you’re just high, man.”

The NBA BPA Players Association also negotiated some other stuff related to gambling or whatever, but nobody bothered to read past the part that said weed is okay now.

“We worked really hard on this collective bargaining agreement,” lamented NBPA Executive Director Tamika Tremaglio. “I’m glad everyone likes the weed part, but they could at least skim the rest of the bullet points.”

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